Lazy Trader App Review

Lazy Trader App ReviewLazy Trader App is yet another Binary Option Robot scam that is out to sell the illusion of making unrealistic millions of money within a very small period of time and with little or no work at all. The idea is making money while being lazy right? Well the joke is on them because there is no way we are going to buy this silly story. And by the way to make such money genuinely, you need to work for it.

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Lazy Trader is a new Binary Option auto trading software in the market created and introduced by a man called Rick Daniels. Rick Daniels just like other scam creators has laid out preposterous promises and claims on the capabilities of his software. He alleges that this software in question can unfailingly make up to $15, 000 in a day and to add to this, he claims he made 17million dollars in seven months. This is purely ludicrous!

There is no doubt that their lies are very much enticing; although as much as we want to believe what they are saying is true, we know pretty much well that there is no truth in their claims. After all everyone want to taste that exotic lifestyle and thus there is a drive which pushes us to strive at every little opportunity to make some extra cash. What these scammers do is to feed on this drive and take advantage of us. Lazy Trader software is an example of such scam. We have done our research on this software so we can assure you that nothing good can come out from investing in it because disappointment and frustrations are the only promises they truly offer.

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Lazy Trader Scam Review – Too Good To Be True

Who really is Rick Daniels?

We have seen so many of these fake actors before and will probably see more in time to come. This man isn’t who he claims to be but is merely a paid actor. The real faces behind these scams usually stay off the camera and would rather employ actors to play their part so that once the scam is over, they can always return with rebranded scams.

Rick Daniels Lazy Trader App claims to be a mathematics guru and Harvard college dropout who ended up as a self-made millionaire, coming up with his apparently cutting-edge trading algorithm which he describes as profit repeater. He allegedly has made a good number of people over $150,000 just within a period of ten days. We consider this highly preposterous as far as binary option is concerned.

In his video presentation, Lazy Trader displays exotic and flamboyant lifestyle which is a strategy pulled to lure investors into his trap. That lifestyle of his doesn’t actually exit, at least for him. They are all lies.

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Fake testimonials and reviews

In Lazy Traders App sales video, there are so many fabricated lies. The reviews and testimonials are from paid actors. So you may wonder, if this software is even nearly as good as they claim it to be, why come up with lies and actors to proof it worth. It is simple, this software is entirely worthless and there are no real results and testimonials to show because real results do not actually exit. It is nothing but a cheap scam out to cause lots of havoc.

Fake software app

From what we can see, the Lazy Trader app is a poorly constructed work of deceit. If you carefully check the results yourself, you will realize that the results and orientation do not correlate. And to add to this, the results which are supposed to be the outcome of investors were recorded in November 2016, whereas, this app came into existence a few days ago and the website was registered in january. These scammers will stop at nothing to make you believe them and then rob you off your hard-earned money. That is what they do and we have seen them in previous scams. Please away from this Lazy Trader Software and other similar schemes if you really want to have a nice trading experience.

Furthermore, a success rate of 99.997% promised by Lazy Trader, which is almost 100% is a big joke. This is far-fetched and impossible. Yes! IMPOSSIBLE as long as Binary option is concerned. No app can give such results in this era. The market prices fluctuate so often and are highly unpredictable even by experts and much less by robots with artificial intelligence. They are all lies.

How does Lazy Trader Scam work?

This is truly how it works: Lazy Trader App displays fake exotic lifestyles and tells fabricated stories to lure you into signing up with them. When you eventually do, you would be assigned to a broker solely dependent on their choice after which you would be compelled to deposit a sum, at least $250 to get started with the app. Then this Lazy Trader Software which is truly lazy will exhaust your money on losing trades. And it doesn’t end there; you may probably get a call from the brokers trying really hard to convince you to invest bigger money to yield better results. This is how you get scammed.

In summary, this Lazy Trader software is not worth your money at all. It is a merely another work of these regular mischievous scammers who are trying to steal your money using a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Making big money in Binary Option Trading does not in any way come so easily, it requires experience and significant time input so do not listen to this crooks who want to deceive you.

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