Binary Money Manager Review – Scam Exposed with Proof!

Binary Money Manager ReviewBinary Money Manager software is a new automated binary trading software released recently. The Binary Money Manager promises of huge profits trading binary options with their software.

Before you get more enticed about this Binary Money Manger System, we want to warn you that it is not in any way different from other scam systems we reviewed in the past. So pay attention to this important review of Binary Money Manager.

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Binary Money Manager

Binary Money Manager Review

Binary Money Manager was said to be created by a man called Jim Wallace. According to them, the Binary Money Manager has the capability of turning $1000 deposit into $6,025 for absolutely free. Also they claim that the software works by copying experts in the industry and for now the have few licences to this opportunity. When you take a look at the Binary Money Manager website, you will see some testimonials and trading results backing up the integrity of this software. The Binary Money manger did not fail to reveal that the news about the profitability of the Binary Money Manager have been endorsed by top news site like CNN Money, FOX News,BBC and so on. But they answer you need to know is whether these are all true, is the Binary Money Manager real?

We have done research about this Binary Money Manger and thus want to rightfully put it to you that it is a scam that abuses binary options.

Binary Money Manager Scam

Is Jim Wallace Real?

Firstly, we were not able to set our eyes on who the creator of this software is. All they could do was to show us a picture in the video presentation claiming to be Jim Wallace. Anybody can be Jim Wallace. As a matter of fact, when we search for any Jim Wallace related to this popular software, we could not find any evidence apart from the one in Binary Money Manager web page. So how could we believe an anonymous software like this.

Binary Money Manager 2

Fake Counter

Now there is a counter showing the number of remaining licence to grab the Binary Money Manager. But we found out that the counter is fake. Initially when we visited the Binary Money Manager, it shows 9 licences remaining. After some time, we reloaded the page and it says zero licence remaining. We were so disappointed as we thought that we have lost our chance to try out the Binary Money Manager. However after sometime I opened a new window and visited the Binary Money Manager website, it now shows 7 licences remaining and subsequently random licence numbers of licences remaining. At this point we knew that they were playing on us. The counter is not real and not connected to real life activities on the website. It is only there to push you into registering with them as it is a scam.

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Binary Money Manager Scam

Binary Money Manager Testimonial and Trading Result

Their are some testimonials backing up what they said about the Binary Money Manager, But are they real? You get to see something like this – ”It was as easy as stealing candy from a baby!Really! I mean it! by Lucy Lu” with a picture of the person giving the testimonial. Please do not be deceived. The picture of Lucy Lu giving giving the testimonial is not original. The Picture was stolen from online website see below.Binary Money Manager Software

Likewise, the trading result is not real. We wonder how a binary robot will claim a 100% win rate. This is absolutely wrong as no trading robot is perfect as far as binary options is concerned so don’t believe this cheap lie.

Binary Money Manager Testimonial

Any Genuine endorsement?

You get to see logos of CNN Money, Fox News, BBC and so on claiming to be links to pages where the Binary Money Manager was endorsed respectively. But when you click on those links, they were not clicking. Those logos are actually there to create false image of integrity on the side of Binary Money Manager and not in any way real.

Any Benefit of using the Binary Money Manager

There is no benefit of you giving this Binary Money Manager a try, it is not free as you need to make certain deposit before you activate your trading account. This might not sound serious to you but the real truth is that the Binary Money Manager is associated with fake binary brokers and thus there is no money back guarantee in case you fail to make profits with this system.

Review Verdict : Binary Money Manager is a Scam – Stay away.

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